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Day Care Feeding Program

Preschoolers in one of the day care facilities enjoying their meal. The feeding program combats malnutrition among these kids but its funding from the government is unreliable and thus kids do not get their meals consistently.


Do you know that 8 of the top 10 most dangerous places in the world in terms of natural disasters are in the Philippines? It gets, on average, 20 typhoons (aka hurricanes) a year! Plus it sits on the Pacific Ring of Fire and thus volcanic eruptions and earthquakes are not uncommon. Indeed, no other country in the world gets more natural calamities than this Southeast Asian country.

While big international organizations (and the US) contribute a huge deal of money to government programs to repair and reconstruct public infrastructure that had been damaged by these natural catastrophes, only a small fraction actually ends up to fund worthwhile projects that benefit the poor in rural areas. Stripped of financial resources and lacking political capital, these communities continue to struggle to rebuild their damaged community centers that their poor constituents rely on for basic medical and public health care and where preschoolers get meals to combat malnutrition and basic education.

HAND-Philippines seeks to continue funding small-scale but invaluable projects in these rural areas. By working directly with people on the ground and concentrating on one rebuilding project at a time, we are able to use scarce funding money more efficiently. 

Donate now and we will personally hand you your receipt and thank you note when you walk into the Gala on the 28th of April at Akari. (An e-mailed copy will be sent to you as well.)

Think about it: A donation of $8 feeds a preschooler for a month. A donation of $18 provides life-saving meds to a patient in need in our adopted rural health centers. And, if a 100 kind-hearted individuals donate $45 each, we can break ground on rebuilding a day care facility for 36 kids!

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