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The MMF covers the following for your 10-day medical mission trip:


  1. Transportation from the time you arrive at the airport to when you will be dropped off for the next leg of your journey

  2. ​Meals and beverages (non-alcoholic)

  3. Laundry while at Home Base

  4. Shared lodging at the Home Base. (Private rooms are available for a one-time extra charge, details are below.)

  5. Project-specific items: meds, surgical, dental, and laboratory supplies for the five clinics

  6. Non-medical items: 

  • Volunteer Kit - a drawstring backpack, two light blue scrub tops, two t-shirts, face towels, and a water bottle
  • Shared, portable wifi 

  • Group sightseeing and recreational activities 


How Your Medical Mission Fee (MMF) is Calculated

Your Medical Mission Fee is calculated using a Base Rate of $1,980 per person, to which applicable discounts and a private room surcharge are applied. MMF is calculated on a per-person or per-party basis.

MMF per person = $1,980 - applicable discount + private room surcharge

MMF per party = Members in a party X $1,980 - the sum of discounts + one-time private room surcharge

Applicable discounts are:

One-time private room surcharges are:

*Surcharge is applied to only one member of the party, i.e., the primary traveler.

All private rooms are air-conditioned and have en-suite bathrooms.

Also, please be reminded that the default accommodation is a shared room (ladies only or co-ed), which comes without extra charge. Shared rooms are spacious, air-conditioned and have en-suite bathrooms. Each volunteer gets their own comfy full bed (no bunk beds) and a locked cabinet. Each shared room also has a big fridge and a large extra cabinet for larger belongings.

Medical Mission Fee Monthly Installment Plan


Enroll in our Monthly Installment Plan for no extra fee if you want your MMF divided into four equal parts charged monthly to your credit card starting 23 January 2023. 

Refund Policy


Given the nature of our nonprofit status, payments you made for yourself and donations made on your behalf are treated differently. If, for any legitimate reason, you cannot take the trip in 2023 but have already started paying the Medical Mission Fee, you may request a 100% credit towards the next medical mission trip or a refund minus a service charge of 3.49%. On the other hand, publicly sourced funds (the money you raised through the Holiday Fundraiser) cannot be returned. The Org will keep them as 100% credit for the next medical mission trip.

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