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Meet The Team



Filipinos are a communal culture, they call this their "Bayanihan Spirit." 

Bayanihan itself literally means “

being in a bayan”, which refers to

the spirit of communal unity, work and cooperation

Our work and mission is overseen by a group of passionate and dedicated folks serving as board and committee members. 

What to know how you can get involved? Contact us at

Board of Directors

Henk Jordaan, MD - Co-Chair

Brooke Harris, RN - Co-Chair

Esther Garcia, MD

Julie Albanese, DO

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Executive Committee

Lance Lanoy, MD - President

A. Cristy Alamang, MD - VP-Internal Affairs

Sarah Jordaan, RN - VP-External Affairs

Cristina Sison - VP-Finance

Diana Twombly, MPPM - Director of Operations and Communications

Michelle Maratas, MD - Liaison Officer, Southern Philippines

Shawn Dolley - Project Manager, Building and Reconstruction

Ally Jones, RN - Project Manager, Medical Resources

Brian Chu - Web Developer

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