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We understand that volunteers selflessly donate time, money and talent to improve the lives of people half the world away. HAND-Philippines is committed to bring meaning to the experience of our valued volunteers by promoting camaraderie and fellowship with other volunteers (both local and US-based) and with our partners in the community. Additionally, we add worth to the volunteer’s experience in the form of local sight excursions and cultural activities in and around the communities we serve during the medical mission.  This approach fosters a deeper connection with and understanding of Filipino culture, the members of the communities we serve, and the other volunteers.


After the Medical Mission is over, we offer our volunteers a Cultural Immersion trip to relax, soak up the sun and enjoy touristic activities before heading back to the US. In 2020, Medical Mission participants and their non-volunteering guests may choose CoronBoracay or Siargao. Cultural Immersion is a travel package organized by HAND-Philippines that includes a round trip airfare from Manila to the destination of choice, a three-night hotel stay and all airport transfers. We have dedicated staff to advise and assist with bookings and payments to make sure everything goes as smoothly as possible. 


Note that HAND-Philippines does not use donated funds to finance Cultural Immersion programs.  Travel fees are an out-of-pocket expense for our volunteers, but offered at a good value and in appreciation of their contributions.   As a non-mission related expense, these fees are not tax deductible.

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