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In 2014, HAND Philippines collected funds that enabled medical missions in three communities in Inabanga and Catigbian, Bohol Province, and General Luna in Surigao del Norte that were hard hit by earthquake and super typhoon Haiyan in 2013. Donations were initially provided by Filipino medical doctors and nurses in Maine, and California, as well as generous friends of the founders. The medical missions in 2014 distributed rehydration tablets, multi-vitamins for adults and children, iron and folate for women. Patients were treated for chronic non-infectious and acute diseases, and minor surgeries were conducted for wounds and removal of benign masses. Approximately 1200 patients were provided with medical treatments and consultation.


HAND Philippines plans to conduct follow up medical missions to the three areas visited in 2014, but there are other poor communities affected by natural calamities that are in need of medical assistance. HAND Philippines' resources are limited and additional funding will greatly widen the scope of our mission.


Future funding for HAND Philippines shall be utilized for reconstruction and rehabilitation of badly damaged health facilities in calamity stricken areas, medicine and laboratory supplies and equipment, disaster preparedness and response training for emergency respondents, conduct seminars on reproductive health and treatment of post traumatic disorder


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