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Little man with a big heart, and a huge mission!

November 26, 2015

Adults take for granted that young children are capable of understanding adult conversation. Sometimes we think they are just listening or not at all! One day in Maine, 10 yr old Evan and his mother Julia were visited by friends Henk and Sarah who have returned from medical mission in the Philippines. Evan listened unnoticed but intently while Henk and Sarah were sharing their stories about a school named Tungod in Inabanga, Bohol province which was  badly damaged by an earthquake in 2013. 

Helen the Public Servant

November 24, 2015

I am a nurse by profession who enjoys public service and working with people. As a nurse, I work on emergency cases, and volunteered for school system in Maine and family violence projects.I have always been vocal about my aspirations to volunteer for medical missions outside the US. When my colleagues learned about the medical mission in the Philippines organized by HAND, they immediately recommended my services to Lance Reynorio, one the founders of the non-profit organization. In preparation for my volunteer work in the Philippines, I saved some funds to cover my air ticket, food, local transportation, and accommodation in the Philippines. 

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