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Getting Ready for the Next Mission

In October 2015, the Philippines was hit by typhoon Koppu (Local name Lando) killing 47 and affecting 2.8 million people especially in the northern region of the country. The government's efforts on early evacuation and inter agency partnership helped minimize the effects of Koppu. According to the The Guardian (, "The UN has praised the Philippine government for its rapid and pre-emptive response to Typhoon Koppu, suggesting that its handling of the disaster should act as a model for other disaster-prone countries" and that the "risk management of the Philippines can be usefully adopted by other countries trying to implement the Sendai framework for disaster risk reduction."


At least 20 typhoons hit the Philippines every year. The typhoons are becoming more intense and much of the lessons learned was a result of the impact of super typhoon Haiyan which hit the Southern region of the Philippines in 2013. Aside from typhoons, the country is on alert for eventual earthquakes because the Philippines lies on the Valley Fault that can cause a 6.2 to 8 magnitude earhtquake. Since Haiyan and the earthquake that hit the Bohol Province, the government moved forward to educating the public on disaster preparedness for prior, during, and after math of calamities. In July, the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA), a government agency of the Philippines, conducted a nationwide earthquake drill with the participation of local governments, the private sector, residences, and schools. The nationwide drill was well attended by all sectors.

HAND Philippines continues to follow up with patients from their medical missions, and most are victims of previous typhoons. The need for health care is dire in hard to reach areas where local government agencies are unable to serve due to lack of resources. HAND Philippines is preparing its medical mission for the third quarter of 2016, and expects to encounter new cases from recent calamities. Screening for volunteers will soon open and the non-profit organization is hopeful in gaining much support for its upcoming medical mission.

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