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How We Are Responding to COVID-19

Our work started in response to super Typhoon Haiyan (called Typhoon Yolanda in the Philippines) that severely impacted lives and communities in 2013. Typhoons, hurricanes, flooding are major annual occurrences in the tropical archipelagos of the Philippines. With each disaster, already weak infrastructures in healthcare, education, and food security take a toll. Now we come across a different challenge, a global pandemic. We gave thought and reflection on how we could continue ongoing support of our mission in the face of this unpredictable crisis with no assured timeline. Despite the uncertainty of a disease outbreak, one thing is clear: similar if not heightened emergency responses are needed to support community resilience. We paused all activities for 2020 including medical missions and reconstruction projects. In light of the economic challenges the world is facing, we also made the decision to cancel one of our most successful fundraising events scheduled in late fall of this year.

Instead, we are moving forward with opportunities to support micro-projects throughout regions and barangays in the Philippines. Funds raised from previous successful fundraising are redirected to projects that support emergency response while still aligning with our programs.

Currently, two projects we are supporting fall under our Feeding and Nutrition Program with specific focus on sustainable development via healthy food access and food security.

We're excited to share updates on these projects and collaborations throughout its progression. Find/follow us on Facebook for updates.

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Diana Twombly

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