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Repair and Reconstruction

An ongoing project is the reconstruction of school buildings and community centers. Our current project is the rebuilding of the Tungod Community Center. In communities and villages in rural parts of the Philippines, centers serve a multi-functional role as a health center and community day care. 

Health centers function as clinics for the delivery of basic medical and public health service. It is usually staffed by a public health nurse or a midwife. Since our medical missions are community-based, these health centers often host our Medical and Surgical Mission. In addition, we help and support these centers by providing equipment, medications, supplies, and funding.



The center serves children ages of 3 to 6 and is the only day care option for families in rural communities.


Although there is no severe food shortage in the Philippines, there is a high rate of under-nutrition.  These community centers provide kids with food that is often their main source of substantial nutrition.




Did you know

These community centers are critical in small communities because Filipinos use these buildings as storm shelters during severe storms such as hurricanes and typhoons.  Because these community centers are usually built using more stable construction such as concrete, it serves to function as a safe shelter for many families.

We believe global development is working with the community to support their long-term sustainability.


This is why one of our programs is to help rebuild community centers in under-resourced villages deeply impacted by natural disasters.

Community & Economic Sustainability
HAND-Philippines works with local communities by hiring local folks on the construction. We offer support through funding and resource-building.


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