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MAY 15, 2015 JAJJV


This is Evan, and I have a project that I am working on right now, and I am hoping a lot of people might help me with my project.

Me and my mom have friends Henk and Sarah.


Henk is a doctor and Sarah is a nurse.

They just got back from the Philippines where they were on a medical mission. They helped a lot of sick people there.


They do it a lot of times, and I am proud of them because they are very smart about medical things and they care about people a lot, and those are important things to combine for helping people.


Sarah and Henk have a lot of projects going on to help the people of the Philippines and I wanted a project that I could do myself.

In the Philippines they saw lots of things that made them sad.

One thing was a school for children that got flooded when the earthquake happened in 2014 and then a typhoon came. When that happened, the whole village of Tungod, Inabanga sank down about one meter.


Now every day at high tide the Tungod Primary School and the schoolyard flood with about two feet of water.


The water carries diseases that can make the children very, very sick. They can’t go to school in a school that floods every day.


Sarah and Henk found out that to fix the school they need to have gravel brought in to fill the part that sank, and it will cost around $1500 in American money. But the children live in a poor fishing village where the people fish to feed their families. Many of them don’t even have shoes to wear, but they still like to go to school and they all need to learn just like we do.

My project is to raise enough money to buy the gravel to fix the school and the land around it. Their school starts in June so I am trying to hurry.

I am getting bottles from all of my neighbors and friends to redeem for 5 cents each and I am having lemonade stands on my front lawn. My neighbors are really, really nice and they stop and usually give me more than 25 cents for a cup of lemonade that me and my mom make.

I did dog-sitting to earn money and I gave it to Henk and Sarah.

I am also going to sell some toys and games that I have, to earn money to help to fix the school, and I am going to rake leaves and pick up sticks.

Even the smallest donations can help. My Grampy used to say that if everyone gave just a little bit, together we could all help a lot.

This project means a lot to me because those children are just like me and my friends, and they need some help from us because we have a lot more than they have.


I know they are far, far away, but I think it would be nice to help them because it shows how close we can be in our hearts when we care about people everywhere.


Thank you so much to all of my friends and now here is my mom to tell you something:

Henk Jordaan and Sarah Harding are part of an organization called HAND-Philippines. The organization does have 501(c)3 status, and all donations are tax deductible. If anyone wishes to contribute, checks can be made payable to HAND-Philippines and mailed to the following address:


P.O. Box 4
Augusta, ME 04332

Or to donate using PayPal:


Thank you very much!

Love, Evan


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